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Kubutu Transport

Project Site:

Lae, Ramu, Hides, Mt Hagan, Goroka


InterOil, Puma Energy, Ramu Agri Industries Ltd, Trukai Industries Ltd, Exxon Mobil, Agility PNG Ltd, CBI Clough JV & CCJV

Joint Venture / Operation:

Kutubu Transport Ltd.

Services provided:

Kutubu Transport Limited was initially set up as a Joint Venture with landowners in 1991 to service Chevron Niugini Transport and Logistics requirements when they established the Moro oilfields.

Over the years the operations expanded and now Kutubu Transport Limited operates in all facets of the transport industry with Cyanide Accreditation in PNG in both project based work and the general transport market.


Operates along the highlands highway through to Mt Hagen, Goroka, Kutub, Porgera and Hides.


  • 1 x 55,000L B-Double Fuel Tanker
  • 2 x 20Ft Truck Tractor combinations with Tanks and D-Tanks
  • 47 x Mercedes and Renault 6x6‘s
  • 30 x Kenworth 6x4 prime movers and trailers running resupply daily Lae to Tari (5 day turn around).
  • 20 x Hin prime movers
  • 70 x flatbed and drop deck trailers
  • 6 x B-Double Trailers
  • 7 x 42,000L Fuel Tankers
  • 5 x 40,000L fuel tankers
  • 7 x 42,000 Jet A1 Fuel Tankers
  • 10 x 18,000L D-Tanks
  • 2 x 10ton forklifts
  • 6 x 32/48 ton forklifts
  • 6 x 3ton forklift
  • 2 x Franna Crane
  • 3 x lowboy trailers for oversize and over dimensional freight
  • 5 x side loader trailers
  • mobile service vehicle runs with resupply convoy daily.

Personnel training requirements:

  • Cyanide Accreditation
  • drivers are trained by a qualified Australian instructor to meet Australian standards.
  • dangerous goods
  • forklift operator training