About Pagini Group

Pagini Group is committed to balancing effective business practices with responsible corporate citizenship.

Pagini adhere to strict corporate governance and ensure that all of our business dealings are fair, ethical and legal.

Our key values are outlined below:


Pagini Group recognizes the importance of treating our people fairly and the value that highly motivated, well trained and customer focused personnel pass on to our clients.


Pagini Group places the highest emphasis on Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) in everything we do. We are committed to providing a safe workplace anywhere we work.


Pagini Group views its customers and suppliers as partners and values long-term relationships built on fair treatment mutual benefit.


Our team has the experience and expertise to create innovative, responsive and tailored solutions that address the unique needs of each customer.


Our ability to draw on the resources of the Pagini Group Logistics Network means we can create robust solutions that integrate all elements of the supply chain.


At the Pagini Board level and in our own right, Pagini Group is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of what we do and helping our customers to do the same.


Pagini Group engages in a partnership model that provides skills, jobs and opportunities for the local community and in return creates a local workforce that is committed, motivated and loyal. Pagini Group also shares its specialist capabilities with local communities in the form of special projects.

Pagini Group’ Community Engagement Program

  1. Consider employing local personnel as the first option where the appropriate skills exist.
  2. Consider using local subcontractors first where it is cost effective and the appropriate skills exist.
  3. Develop the skills and knowledge base of local employees through a process of on-the-job training and formal qualifications.
  4. Develop the productivity of local contractors to the mutual benefit of both parties.
  5. Promote local employees as they develop the necessary skills to progress into more senior positions within Pagini Group.
  6. Create positive economic value in host countries through the application of capital, skills and technology.